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Never Far

by Borek Luke

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Far North 04:35
I was on a trip to the far, far north / And everyone all around me was sayin', "Hey son, what's that game you play?" / I said, "No game, I just know a name." // I got bad dreams so my friend shared faith / His was real, I knew it, I could read his face / My dad said, "Son, don't you pray that prayer, your feet belong where you are down there, your feet belong where you are down there." // Lit with fire down to my bones / I had fell in love with the Holy Ghost / But I wasn't in the Vine so my branch withered / The water was free but the Father wanted me. // Prodigal, prodigal, wayward son / If I knew He loved me, I'd said, "Kingdom come." / Will be done, this was foreign news / If I knew how to eat it, I'd'a fed it too / If I knew how to eat it, I'd'a fed it too. // One day I was getting older / My heart was dark, the air was colder / My friend said, "You were made for better." / He told me of the real Jesus / The One who died not to be near us / But make His home inside forever / Fear of life cut deep within me / But Hope arose and I knew who it was. // Lit with fire down to my bones / I am so in love with the Holy Ghost / Now that I am in the Vine, my branch prospers / The water is free, still the Father wants me. // Where the water is free / That's where the Father wants me. // I am on a trip to the far, far north / And everyone all around me is sayin', "Hey son, what's that game you play?" / I say, "No game," I just tell them His name / This ain't no game, I proclaim His name.
Let It Go 03:30
Thinner ice has been traveled / Colder days have been lived / All have compared life to the winter / But it's your heart that will burn in this fire. // Faith's been likened to the weather / So has love and hate the same / You've been waiting for a breakthrough / But you've never, you've never met its name. // I wanna know what breaks your heart / But I don't wanna talk about it / The Word it says, the Kingdom of Love / Is a matter of power and not of talk. // My whole past is long gone / I've kissed yesterday goodbye / Oh tomorrow I too far (away) / I'm gonna show you / I'm gonna show you my life today. // You've held on for too long / You need to let it go, let it go, now / Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, now.
The Gardener 03:19
You are the gardener / I am your soil / You put your seed in me / You are the reason / I show my colors / Why my plants turn to green. // While the sun's giving off light to this garden / Life is formed. // And I stare at the sun / While the cool breeze covers me / From dusk 'till dawn. // You have a purpose / I am your portion / You shall abide in me / You speak the seasons / I'll be the blessing / I will rejoice in you. // Rain falls down / On the just and unjust / I only receive / Your tender mercy / Overwhelms any of my disbelief / I only receive.
Rivers 04:15
Put my feet on the ground with an eyeful of hope / Should I walk by my sight, I will repent till I'm blind / My mind wanders at times, my Lord shows me who's right / I've got reasons for flight, His Spirit trumps my might. // The gate is wide, the road is narrow for the perseverant soul / Dust into bones, you get beauty If you come to Me with questions. // Who are You, who am I? / What am I on earth for? / What's your purpose for me? / What's your purpose for all? // There is green, green grass / There is water of life / Not a movie of past / Could tell your story like Me / This is just the beginning. // Out of you will flow rivers of living water.
Just as a fly finds a place to rest, I'll be there in the great assembly / Amidst all the buzz and the wind and the rain / I am hidden like an echo in a dark cave. // I am flying on my purpose my song / Though you've never really known I was there / And if my wings should fail / My heart will not faint / I am steady in the hands of my Maker. // Someone tame the lioness 'cause she's after her prey / She'll be there where the wolves are howling / And if there's a fuss from her kin, those small cubs / She's not tempted by the way of the jungle. // She is running on her purpose, her song / Though you've never really known she was there / And if her legs should fail / Her heart will not faint / She is steady in the hands of her Maker.
Haven't you looked all around / And seen the cry of the orphan child? / She's clear as day 'cause she has a face / He comes to you, but he has no name. // 'Cause you don't ask for it. // I have cried so many times / For hurting lives plain to my sight / And thousands more are on my way / 'Cause dying souls have much to say. // I'm askin' God, "What is on your heart?" God, what is on your heart? // Only in You can I be strong / To get right the wrong You took me from / I used to take life like paradise / Now I give life, a sacrifice. // I'm askin' God, "What is on your heart?" / I'm not blind to the lost / I wanna see them found / So they see my life / And hear hope from my mouth / I open it wide / So they can know the love of Christ.
Never Far 03:26
You give me peace / You give me joy that I can't explain / And I find rest, I find rest / I find rest in your loving arms / When I feel far from home / You remind me that I'm your own / When my mind is off in a zone / You remind me I'm not alone. // And I, I'm never far from home. // I walk a line, it's thin and fine / There's a story yet to define / Who I am, who I am / You're the Author of my good plan.


“A strong acoustic vibe and an almost warming sound.” | WCLH 90.7 FM, Wilkes University, Pennsylvania


released June 23, 2016

David Wiesjahn | Production as well as drums on "Far North," "Rivers" and "Way of the Jungle."
Daniel Rosenbush | Bass on "Rivers" and "Way of the Jungle" as well as lead guitar on "Way of the Jungle."
Ryan Lucas | Photography
Chelsea Osicka | Background Vocals
Luke Borek Osicka | Vocals, Guitar & Lyrics

Album recorded in Minneapolis, MN.

Borek Luke | boreklukemusic@gmail.com


all rights reserved



Borek Luke Waco, Texas

“Strong vocals and top musicianship.” | Stuart Epps, Record Producer, UK [Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis]
Borek Luke is an American writer-musician whose brooding debut effort, Never Far, formerly under the pseudonym Mid Air, has reached over one hundred countries and regular national college radio. His parable-laced lyrics and anthemic backdrops have set the tone for a sophomore sound.
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